Music Video:ミュージックビデオ

Larry Hernandez “Sin ganas de Cenar”

Ana Barbara 

Nyceria “Scathe”

Alexx Calise “ Cry”

Christian Castro “La Nave del Olvido”

Susan “Me&My rythmbox”

Anahi “Me Hipnotizas”

Alexx Calise” Break Me”

Wale “Pretty Girl”


Munshingwear (Spring/Summer)

YOB magazine

Rukus magazine cover 

2Wheel Tuner Magazine Cover 

Tulle Holliday Collection Catalogue  

JP Magazine cover 


East west bank commercial

WSS X’mas Version commercial

Vapour Couture Commercial

Bridgestone Commercial 

AT&T Commercial 

The Oatmeal men Film 

Michael Jackson SP TV program in Japan 

Violent Blue Film

Event/Fashion show:イベント/ファッションショー

Kevin Murphy Hair LA shoot

Workshop with Tokyo Shashin Gakuen 

Taylor Swift Cover Girl Event 

“Bullet 4 Peace” LA Fashion Week 

Michael Anthony Underwear Collection 

Arturo Rios Hats Designer Spring Collection 

Jennifer Murphy “Go Go Girl Charity Event” 

“Hakka” Curve Fashion show 

“Beige” LA Fashion Week


I've been working with so many grate artists, models,photographers and supported crew members.